Maujilal Dadu Jawarkar (48) lives in Dharakot village of Dharani block,

“Now my dream of having a house is fulfilled as we are living happily in our new house”, says Maujilal. Maujilal lives with 4 other members in his family. He has land of 5 acres. He and his family earn hardly Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 annually which is insufficient for his large family to sustain.

Maujilal’s village is under PESA Act[1].  He says “In my village, all houses were made of mud and bamboo. During monsoon, these houses were unsafe as a wall would slide down or water would seep through the roof. My family always wanted to build a new pucca house but we didn’t have sufficient money. During a village meeting, Apeksha introduced us to the housing scheme from the government. We learned about social security scheme and how to avail our benefits from these schemes. Consequently, we all presented the issue of Gharkul in Gram Sabha and passed a resolution for it on 26th January 2015. With the support of Apeksha we engaged in regular follow up with the government and finally got Gharkul sanctioned within six months.”

As a result of advocacy on social security and government schemes in the last five years, 9013 households benefited under the “Indira Gandhi Gharkul Yojana. Maujilal says, “Thank you for your support to fulfill my dream of a house. Now we can live with self esteem. My child said during the inaugural ceremony of the house that he was very happy that from now on rain won’t fall on him, on his school bag but on the house roof, the trees and the hills. I can live with my family with self esteem and without the fear of losing a shelter over our heads.”