Saknu Bai, 50 years, Rangubeli village

“River is revered as our mother. Now it has also become a source of livelihood for me. Now, I can earn enough to look after my family properly”

“Economic situation of my family is critical as we do not have any land of our own and my family comprises of eight members. I am a member of Archana Self Help Group which was formed by Apeksha. All members save small amounts of money every month and we can take small loans from this savings when we need. Apeksha also gives us ideas and support for taking up small business.

My house is situated on the bank of a river. Hence I decided to start a business of collecting fish and selling them in the market. Apeksha provided me a loan to purchase the fish nets and gave me lot of guidance and encouragement. I go to the river early morning along with my son to catch fish. We get around 5-6 kg of fish every day and sell them in the local market. Now I am earning a regular income of Rs.200-300/day. I can now provide sufficient food and fulfill the needs of my family with pride”.

“I give heartfelt thanks to Apeksha for their support which built my confidence.”

Ph2 Saknu catching fish in the river