Priyanka, 14 years, Kasaikheda, Dharani tribal area

“I love to go to school and meet my new friends!”

I had to leave school after 7th standard to help at home. I was doing household work, looking after my uncle’s small children and also working in the fields at times. My parents are daily wage labourers and work hard the whole day to feed the family. Also, in my village there is no school after 7th standard; the nearest school is 7 km away in Bairagad. So my parents decided not to send me.

I rejoined school only because of Apeksha’s 100% Enrollment Campaign, during which volunteers from Apeksha met me and spoke with me at length. It was they who persuaded my parents that it was important for me to study. Now I have rejoined school in 8th standard in Bairagad village. I love to go to school and meet my new friends. I feel thankful for the support I got. I never thought that I will be rejoining my studies. Apeksha has brought this ray of hope in my life.