Ajnali Bapuram Dhande, 14 Years, Chaurakund village.

“I am happy that I got the opportunity to continue my education. I want to become a good teacher in future and educate children in my community,”

My village is situated in a remote area. My parents are illiterate and have a small piece of land on which they cultivate in the rainy season for the rest of the year they do daily wage labour. After class seven, I had to leave school to work in the fields and elsewhere with my parents, to support the family.

One day, a volunteer from Apeksha contacted me and gradually involved me in meetings and activities of children group in the village. The volunteer also met my parent. It was then I got to know the importance of education and completing studies. My parents also realized it agreed to resend me to the school

I was re-enrolled in Class 8. Now I regularly go to school with my friends and study well. Thanks to Apeksha for all the support and encouragement they gave me in pursuing my studies.