In most part of the globe, status of women and girls is underprivileged in all sectors viz., social, economic and political and this status denied the human rights. For women and girls, discrimination, exploitation and violence are common things. But this condition can be changed with some mammoth efforts.

Apeksha promotes women’s collectives that provide economic, social and political independence to women.

Self Help Group: Collectiveness for strength

Apeksha promotes women’s collectives that provide economic, social and political independence to women.

We work for:

  • Formation and strengthening of SHGs
  • Make aware women about their rights and entitlements and how to build solidarity within the community.
  • Awareness about sexual health and reproductive health issues among adolescents girls and women.
  • Beti Zindabad campaign for addressing the growing instances of violence against women and girl.

Major Milestones :

  • 2000+ SHGs actively working collectively for economic, social and political empowerment of women
  • 500 + micro enterprise development and livelihood promotion in the form of individual and collective enterprise
  • 2000 SHGs have access to formal financial services (savings, credits, insurance and remittance) especially for women.
  • 2547 women became skilled in different trades and linked with micro finance

Single women: an individual with multiple role

Interventions with Single women  (farm widows, widow, separated, divorcee, widow etc.)

The single women are an ignored fraction of the society. On the same time, she is delivering multiple roles effortlessly every single day and the back bone of any society.

We work for :

  • Training, livelihood support, networking and hand holding for socio –economic empowerment and political participation for single women
  • Institution building for widows of farmers committed suicide, single women (separated, divorcee, widow etc.) and capacity building to demand rights and justice
  • Establishment of “EkalMahilaKisanSanghatana” as platform for awareness and ‘Samvadini’ as platform for legal aid

Major milestones:

  • 6000 single women from Vidarbha are members of “Ekal Mahila Kisan Sanghatana”
  • Several small activities have been started by single women such as goat rearing, poultry, shops, vegetable selling, tailoring, food processing, vermi compost production etc.
  • More than 500 single women trained in basic aspects of laws for women, issues of domestic violence, legal provisions and other relevant acts.
  • 7 Samvadini established for legal support and Counseling.