Sustainable Agriculture, Livelihoods Development and  Watershed Management are our prime program with an  objective to increase income of rural marginal families

  • By increasing the farm productivity and crop diversification
  • By improving physical access to water through In situ soil moisture & water conservation interventions
  • By promoting sustainable agriculture and climate resilient practices and diversifying income sources through community involvement.

We work for:

  • Participation of community from planning to implementation by organizing village meetings, Orientation, trainings, exposure visits, village camps, Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) etc
  • Prompting Community based decision making systems through local institutions in the villages.
  • Capacity building of the institutions to ensure long term sustainability of the interventions.
  • Development of an integrated model of watershed development on cluster basis for maximizing the impact, with multi stakeholder involvement
  • In situ soil moisture and water conservation by identifying recharge potential area to ensure physical access to water.
  • Formation and strengthening of Water User Groups to ensure long term sustainability.
  • Increase farm productivity and crop diversification by promoting Sustainable agriculture practices and climate resilient agriculture through resource material, farmers training, exposure, field day, demonstrations, Farmers Field Schools etc.,
  • Diversification of income through promotion of farm, non-farm and livestock base enterprise through skill straining and technical handholding, business planning and credit mobilization, quality enhancement and market linkages etc.

Major Mile stones:

  • 14500 Ha land covered under Watershed area development in more than 100 villages
  • In situ soil moisture Farm Bunding 7550 ha, stone bunding 3174, CCT 3507 ha ; land leveling 5120 ha ; Plantation 3625 ha
  • Water Harvesting through construction of Cement structure (9)/ earthen nala structures (21)/ rejuvenation  and repairing of old structures(11)
# Type of Soil Conservation Activity Achievement (Ha) # Type of Water Conservation Activity Achievement (No)
1 Farm Bunding/ compartment bunding 7550 1 Desilting  of existing structures 11
2 Stone bunding 3174 2 Construction of Cement Nala bonds 9
3 Tree Plantation 3625 3 Construction of earthen Nala bund 21
4 Fodder Grass Seeding 700 4 Farm Ponds 8
5 Continuous Contour Trench 3560 5 well deepening  /recharging 17
6 Land leveling 5120 6 Percolation  Tank 4
  Total 23729   Total 70
  • Promoted sustainable agriculture by organizing 9653 agriculture technology extension methods and tools under different programs


Extension Activity



Extension Activity



Crop Demo.



Green Manuring



Farmers training



Horticulture Plantation



Farmers filed schools



Organic farming



Farmers Exposure Visits



fodder demonstrations 



Bio-dynamic  compost



seed bank



Vermi culture promotion unit



Improved Agri. Implement Bank




  • 7006 Farmers Training and Crop demonstrations
  • 15 Farmers field school to disseminate the Sustainable Agriculture technologies
  • 56 Vermi composting & Green Manuring
  • 70 Horticulture Plot
  • Promoted improved animal husbandry dairy management, goatary and poultry practices, by organizing 899 events under different programs
  • 15 Animal Health Check-up Camps
  • 105 Backyard Poultry Management
  • 750 Goat Unit
  • 1 Honey Harvesting & Processing Unit
  • 6 Dall Mill and leaf plate making unit
  • 4 Spice making units

 Significant achievements and Impact:

  • Substantial increase crop yields and thereby annual income of project households supplemented by diversified income sources.
  • Increase in water storage, stored soil moisture helping reduction in crop failures during dry spell.
  • Reduction in cost of crop production due to adoption of Sustainable Agriculture
  • Improved livestock rearing due to increased skill &knowledge.
  • Increased diversified income sources of project households.
  • Reduction in distress migration of farming community resulting in absolutely no attempt of suicide in project villages.