Child Protection

We attempt to protect the child from different kinds of harms – abuse, neglect, exploitation, physical danger and violence.

We sensitized and educate the child from most disadvantaged community for their rights. We believe that child should be a student in a  school and not a labour at work place.

We work for/in :

  • To improve the awareness in community for vulnerable children who need care and protection
  • Demonstrating the benefits of preventative approaches and early intervention over interventions at a later stage.
  • Support for development of community-based care and protection systems.
  • Co-ordination and integration of services  to vulnerable children.
  • To make attempt for inclusion of care and protection of child in social welfare, poverty reduction and other aligned national level development programs
  • Building the capacity of executives of government from ground level to district administration,  to act for  effective care and protection for children
  • Advocacy for legal and policy reform in aligned with the norms of the United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child.
  • Formation and  strengthening  the village level child protection committee under, “Integrated Child Protection Scheme “(ICPS).
  • Formation of children Groups which act as platform to help themselves  ensure child rights and prevent cases of child marriage, child trafficking, child abuse and child labor.
  • Mapping of out-of-school children, irregular children and  child labour and afterward facilitate them to rejoin the school.
  • Coordination  with the village to state level authorities to ensure implementation of laws and safeguarding of the children.
  • Strengthen child protection mechanism and  access to different programs in coordination with  governments Education . and Tribal development Department
  •  Support to Tribal Development dept. for preparation of child protection policy and developing the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to strengthens the child protection mechanism in Ashramshala.
  • Train the children for Personal Safety  to prevent the risk of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and seek support in case of violation

Major mile stones:

  • 5000 + villages covered under Awareness generation program  on child protections .
  • 1890 trainers from schools, NGOs and government departmentswere developed to facilitate Personal safety education with the dynamics of Child Protections
  • 10000+ children and adults trained in personal safety to prevent the risk of child sexual abuse (CSA)