Apeksha’s prime approach of every initiative is holistic development of children from under-privileged communities. Apeksha endeavors towards to create the enabling environment where every child can enjoy childhood. Apeksha aims to reach the most vulnerable children, those left behind by progress in child health, education and protection — including girls

Quality education

  • Facilitate completion of 8 years of quality education through effective implementation of Right to Education act and promoting child friendly education
  • Improving access to quality education through teachers training and enhanced quality of classrooms transaction for increased learning levels.
  • Increased access of children from marginalized community to government schools including Ashramshalas. Community mobilization and follow up focusing on attendance and retention.
  • Improving community participation and strengthening school management committees by strengthening the demand side of schooling


  • 100 % enrollment and facilitating an inclusive and safe learning environment in across 1000 primary schools.
  • More than 20,000 children enrolled into schools through the 100% enrollment campaign.
  • School Management Committees were strengthened across all our operational areas aiming towards effective functioning of schools.
  • Pro active networking as co –convener to Maharashtra State Right to Education Forum


Child Protection

  • Improve knowledge, attitude and practice among children, parents and community on child labour, child abuse, child marriage and gender based violence.
  • Promote community based child protection and its effective integration into the state / national child protection system.
  • Promote child protection policy in Ashramshalas
  • Advocacy for improving child protection, legislation and policies.


  • 162 villages declared as child labour free villages.
  • A total of 2365 children were rescued from exploitative child and linked with schools.
  • Reached out to 300 tribal residential Ashramshalas in coordination of Tribal Development Department (TDD) Nagpur and Amravati divisions
  • Study on status of education in Ashramshalas and PIL in Bombay High Court
  • Organized training on child rights and child protection for staff and children in 223 Ashramshalas from 6 districts in Nagpur divisions.
  • Facilitated the development of Child Protection Policy for Ashramshalas in Nagpur division.


Child Participation

  • Create an enabling environment for child participation at all levels (through aptitude and attitude change among duty bearers).
  • Build capacity for the youth (especially female) to organize and express themselves as active citizens.
  • Engage children in monitoring the implementation of child rights by the govt.


  • AHS have facilitated a three-tier structure of a children collective, comprising of child groups, child parliament, child rights protection committees / forums, from village to district level.



  • Increase access to information and capacity building to demonstrate responsive health seeking behavior and awareness on reproductive health issues
  • Improve nutritional status of malnourished children and promote child health through engagement with community based government health system.
  • Improve maternal health by facilitating women access to knowledge and quality health services.