Sustainable agriculture and rural development are integral and necessary components of sustainable development.

For securing the rural livelihood of vulnerable community, Apeksha has been organized the capacity building training by providing the scientific inputs in rural areas. Our Interventions have been designed to improve efficiency in production systems, lower input costs, increase per capita output and improve food and nutritional security at household level in rural areas.

Over the past 25 years, focused interventions in agriculture, horticulture and livestock management have been undertaken which currently work with more 15,000 small and marginal farmers with extended benefits to rural population in Vidarbha region.

  • Training and inputs to farming community especially small and marginal farmers on improved agricultural practices for food security.
  • Clsuter based watershed development fostering collaboration at community level and stakeholders involvement
  • Rolling out of an integrated model of watershed development on cluster basis for maximizing the impact, with multi stakeholder involvement
  • Facilitating access to information, market linkage, low cost technology and credit inputs
  • Monitor implementation of MGNREGA and govt. social welfare schemes working closely with CBOs/CSOs at local level through public hearing, social audits and action research.

Apeksha plays vital role in implementation of the MGNREGA with the coordination of Govt. Dept. through the various interventions like public hearing, social audits & studies of the govt. social welfare schemes.