Land and natural resources constitute the basis of indigenous tribal peoples’ livelihood, culture and identity. Supporting indigenous peoples to secure and defend their land and natural resource rights and subsequently develop frameworks for sustainable management of their lands, territories and resources is thus essential.

Apeksha supports tribal people from Melghat area to lobby for the recognition of their collective rights to land and natural resources, carry out awareness raising activities, undertake land demarcation and mapping, apply for land titles and develop land-use and management plans.

We promoted improved agriculture and sustainable forest harvest to address malnutrition and migration in Melghat with the coordination of Dept. of Science and Technology, New Delhi. We intervene to Develop capacities of local communities for sustainable harvesting and processing of non timber forest produce (NTFP) and also demonstrate nutritional aspects of NTFPs and promote its consumption as nutritional supplement in community. Accordingly we have established NTFP based enterprise for additional income source to the tribal families.

  • Facilitated, 811 Individual claims and 38 collective claims under Forest Rights Act to the tribal community from Melghat.
  • Provision of high-quality and cost effective solar lanterns, disseminated through micro solar-enterprises set-up in un-electrified 22 villages in Melghat

Village Energy Security Programme implemented in non electrified village in tiger reserve area in melghat with the support of Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). It provided energy services to eradicate poverty, improve health, reduce drudgery, enhance education, raise agricultural productivity, create employment, generate income, and reduce migration.