We aimed to access quality health care for people, especially for those residing in rural areas, the poor, women, and children therefore we work with NRHM & Sathi Sehat for Community Based Monitoring and Planning as important component in order to ensure that the govt. health services in rural areas.

Apeksha intervened for addressing the malnutrition and maternal health in Melghat tribal region by dissemination of information, behavioral changes, supplying nutritional food etc. Apeksha closely work with the govt. health systems like ICDS centers, PHCs, Asha for promotion of institutional delivery, regular vaccination, hygiene and sanitation etc.

Community based monitoring places people at the centre of the process. This has enabled people’s participation in monitoring health resources and direct dialogue with health officials. The platform ensures accountable as well as transparent practices. Enable the CBOs to become equal partners in the health planning process and increase the community’s sense of involvement and participation to improve responsive functioning of the public health system. We formed “Rugna Kalyan Samiti” which provides feedback on the status of fulfillment of entitlements, functioning of various levels of Public health system and service providers, identifying gaps, deficiencies in services and levels of community satisfaction, which can facilitate corrective action in a framework of accountability.